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Incorporated June 28th 1961, J. & R. Dumas Inc. is a family owned business. Mr. Robert Dumas is the co-founder.

J. & R. Dumas Inc. has a total of forty employees on the pay roll and a fleet of twenty six vehicles which are used for construction, deliveries, maintenance and customer service.

J. & R. Dumas Inc. is a petroleum contractor since the beginning of activities and a member of the A.E.P.Q. (Petroleum Contractor Association of Quebec). The business is specialized in the construction of service stations, petroleum storage areas, maintenance of petroleum equipment, sale of storage tanks and accessories.

Since 1998, J. & R. Dumas Inc. is transporting and transloading in railway cars zinc and copper concentrate. The company has built a transload facility serving principally the forestry and mining sectors in the north-western part of Quebec. J.R Dumas inc. also has raiway logging cars to transport logs from the forest to the sawmill.

The majority of J. & R. Dumas Inc. customers are presently in the north western part of Quebec and James Bay areas. However,there is a progressive increase in customers from the northeastern Ontario and the Outaouais areas.

Through many years of experience, we have developed an expertise in our field of activities. The company has an excellent reputation that extends beyond our region of operations and a relationship of confidence has been established with our customers. Our company policy is to supply a fast and courteous service to all our customers, all of whom shall be dealt with in accordance with the local environmental laws in effect.

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